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  • My Health
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  • Are you exhausted from following crazy diets  and impossible workout routine to get to your dream body? Do you wish to be happier, healthier and more vibrant?

  • My Employees Health
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  • Do you wish to have a happier workforce but don’t know where to start? Offering companies wellness programs can greatly enhance your company’s productivity.


Eleonora is a sought-after Integrative Nutrition practitioner who strives to revolutionise the world of health and wellness. She has been selected to work with a number of renowned brands such as Victoria Beckham’s team, Radio Health UK and WeWork to promote health and wellness.

Motivated and inspired by a drive to contribute to the personal growth and development of the society, she incorporates the elements of health, nutrition, and personal development to encourage others in adopting a more gentle and balanced approach to life.


In Italy we have a saying: “Anche l’occhio vuole le sua parte” which the concept translates to “even your eyes wants and appreciate beauty”. 😊 We eat also with our eyes, so making a plate appealing to look at can increase your overall satisfaction 😘 Happy Sunday