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1:1 Coaching

Whether you seek personal growth, professional advancement, or a balanced blend of both, Eleonora's coaching offers a unique and empowering journey tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

To learn more, book a free Feel Good Call.

Offered Talks

Through tailored individual and group coaching sessions, Eleonora has transformed the lives of nearly 1,000 women worldwide, including Hollywood celebrities and female entrepreneurs.

Offered Plans

Offered Talks

How does it work?

Step 1  Free Feel Good Call
Step 2  Questionnaire
Step 3  Action Plan
Step 4  Weekly 1:1 Check-Ins

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Eleonora has truly inspired me to take a searching inventory of my health and wellness. She speaks into issues that are real and challenges me to find my own truth for my wellbeing on many levels, not only food.


After two weeks on the coaching program with Eleonora I’ve lost over 6 pounds that I’ve never came back. Under her loving guidance I was able to introduce new foods into my diet, and make small simple changes that have huge impact on my health. 


The challenge was able to make me work towards my goals by making small changes and suggestions so I could stick to it and have weekly wins.


One great aspect of her coaching is the love and the support.I have never felt more strong and powerful and I know I wouldn’t have gotten where I am if it was not her support.

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